IIT DMS has also provided professional inputs to voluntary professional associations such as Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), DMA; Institute of Personal Management; All India Management Association (AIMA), Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD), IFTDO and ARTDO International etc. The Department has also made contributions to the developmental activities of companies such as HTA, Arthur Anderson, Malaysian Institute of Insurance, Indian Petro-Chemicals Limited (IPCL) and Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).Its expertise has been sought in Germany, France, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia etc. The Department has contributed in the policy formulation and operational activities at the highest level of the Government, University Grants Commission, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of Human Resource Development and various corporate enterprises.

The faculty has received prestigious fellowships from the United Nations Development Programme, Shastri-Indo Canadian Institute Calgary, Royal Asiatic Society London, ARTDO International Manila, All India Management Association, Indian Society for Training & Development, Association of Business Executives, U.K. and other major national and international professional associations.


Sponsored Projects

Projects Departments
 Adaptive Credit Policy – Application of Reinforcement learning in Order and Credit Management BASF SE Germany
 Co-innovation in Electric Vehicle (EV) sector in India: Cross-sectoral and collaborative research between India and Japan for low-carbon transition Indian Council of Social Science Research
 COVID 19 Vaccine Roll out: Institutional Management Partner Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation United States
 Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Ministry of Corporate Affairs
 Data and Decision Sciences for Reducing Gap in Tribal Areas Ministry of Tribal Affairs
 Technical Textile Industry in India: Challenges and Opportunities Ministry of Textiles(GOI)
 Assessment of Indian Higher Education Institutions in NIRF Ranking: A Comparative Analysis Indian Council of Social Science Research
 Corporate Governance in the Financial sector – A comparative analysis of banks and mutual funds National Foundation of Corporate Governance
 Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Productivity, Employability and Business Models in Health Care Sector (SPARC Project no. 2) Ministry of Human Resource & Development
 Status of Readiness of Indian Companies to Respond to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Legislation and Development of a Model/Framework to Assess the Societal Impact of CSR Lok Sabha Secretariat
 Assessment of multi-stakeholder engagement in tourism – Insights from social media and service providers Department of Science & Technology
 Training for All (T4A) An Integrated Training Program to Train Mainstream and Special Education Needs Students in Employability Skills Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
 Understanding the National Innovation System and its Impact on Start-ups  Chandragupt Institute of Management Patna
 Concurrent Evaluation and Monitoring of National Food Security Act, 2013  Ministry of Food & Consumer Affairs
 Comparative study of the role of innovation strategies in different institutional contexts  Chandragupt Institute of Management Patna
 Joint Research on Global issues in Container Supply Chain  University of Connecticut, United States
 Strategies for Grid Strengthening: Leverage Storage for Solar Integration at Distribution Network Level  Renew Power Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
 Game-based Interactive Simulator for Training Professionals in Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities (under IMPRINT Scheme)  Ministry of Human Resource Development
 Analyzing Big Data in Twitter for Identifying Concerns – Inputs in Digital Payments and Telecommunications  Department of Science & Technology
 Public Engagement on Health and Development in India  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United States
 Learning to Innovate The Role of Exploration and Exploitation Strategies in Different Institutional Contexts  Indian Council of Social Science Research
 Advanced Ananlytics for Green and Resilent Supply Chain Decision Making  University Grants Commission, United Kingdom
 Collaborative Decision Making on Container Supply Chains  University Grants Commission, United Kingdom
 Do Social Media Platforms Grow the Small and Medium Enterprises: An Experimental Design Study in India  Indian Council of Social Science Research
 Facilitating Research in EMF Technology an Management  Grace Cander Foundation
 Assessing the Societal and Business Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  Indian Council of Social Science Research
 Preparing for long Term Case Needs of Elderly in India: Design Guideluines for Old Age Home, Assessment of Manpower for Institutional/Home Based Care of Elderly and Curriculum Development  Human Settlement Management Institute, HUDCO House
 Joint Research on Global Supply Chain Risk Management  University of Connecticut, United States
 Collaborative Research in Decision Science Business Analytics and Big Data Applications  Loughborough University, leicestershire, U.K.
 Impact Evaluation of Technical Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP) Phase-II  National Project Implementation Unit
 Assessing Cost of Adaptation of Climate Change for Forests in India  Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change
 Strategic Business Plan Development for Bamboo Industry in India (under BAANS scheme)  North East Centre for Tech application & Research
 Practices of Global Supply Chain Management  University of Connecticut, United States of America
 Branding of National Knowledge Network  National Informatics Centre Services Inc., MCIT
 EU-India Research and Innovation partnership for efficient and Sustainable freight transportation (REINVEST)  European Union, United Kingdom
 EU-India Coorperation Platform in Future Internet and Electronic Media Project  European Union,Delegationof the European Union to European Union
 Development of the Transfer Operate Transfer (TOT) Framework  National Buildings Construction Corp.Ltd.
 Deceloping a Framework of Consumer Awareness on RF Exposure for Telecommunication Industry  GSMA, United Kingdom
 Decision & Information Synergy Model for Flexible Product Recovery System  Department of Science & Technology
 The Impact of Microloans, Mobile Phones and Business Training on Microenterprises Owned by Women in Developing Countries: An Experimental Study in Coimbatore, India  International DevelopmentResearch Centre, Canada
 Competency Mapping and Profiling for Scientists  Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment (SASE)
 To Conduct Study on Changing Academic Profession in India  Planning Commission
 Impact Assessment of Improvements in SIS in U.P.  U.P. Sugar Mills Association
 Next Generation Sustainable Freight  U.K.I.E.R.I., British Council Division, United Kingdom
 Technology Forecasting and Technology Assessment for handling and Transportation of Fly Ash  Department of Science & Technology
 Strategy for Growth of Smart Phone Manufacturing ecosystem in India  Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
 Joint Research on Study of Retail Supply Chain: A Comparative Study of India & USA  University of Connecticut, United States of America
 Environmental Responsibility and Its Correlates: A Select Study of Chemical Industry in India  Indian Council of Social Science Research
 Impact Assessment of SIS  Secretary & Commissioner
 Best Practices of Demand Chain Management  National MIssion of Education through I & C Tech.
 E-Content for IIT Enabled Management  National MIssion of Education through I & C Tech.
 Joint research on a Study of Carbon Trading regime: A Global supply Chain Perspective.  University of Connecticut, United States of America
 Assessing the Production efficiency of SME Units in Readymade Garments Industry: a Study of Okhla Cluster in NCR  Indian Council of Social Science Research
 Indexing and Ranking Government Portals and Websites in India  National Informatics Centre Services Inc., MCIT
 Joint Research on Trends and Future Direction of Advanced Manufacturing Technology in India and USA – A Comparative Study  University of ConnecticutStorrs, CT 06269-1041 210, United States of America
 Mission Convergence: Awards Process Planning & Execution  Samajik Suvidha Sangam, Mision Convergence
 Geographical Indication for Moradabadi Brassware: Why or Why Not?  Centre for WTO Studies, Ministry of Commerce & In.
 Operationalization, measurement and Antecedent of Ethical Culture  Indian Council of Social Science Research
 Master Template for Cataloguing of Information in Piping Engineering  Department of Science & Technology
 Business Process Re-Engineering in E-Governance: A Select Study  National Institute for Smart Government
 Competitiveness Evaluation for Emerging Industries  Department of Science & Technology
 The Study of Impact of Shrine Related Tourism on the Economy of Jammu & Kashmir  Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board
 Ethical Issues in the Use of Information Technology : Role of Individual and Social Factors  Ministry of Human Resource Development
 Toward Best Practices in E-Governance  Ministry of Human Resource Development
 Flexible System Management for Tchnology Capability Building at the Firm Level  Department of Science & Technology
 Comparing University Departments  University Grants Commission
 A Comparative perspective on the growth and development of Telecom and Communication Sector in Select South East Asian Countries and Inida: am impact study  Dalmia Foundation (Dalmia Bros. Pvt. Ltd.)
 R&D Management  Ministry of Human Resource Development
 Competitiveness of the Indian software industry  Department of Science & Technology
 Financial Management Practices in Public Sector Enterprises  Dalmia Foundation (Dalmia Bros. Pvt. Ltd.)
 Development of Information System for the Management of Sugar Industry Waste in UP  All India Council for Technical Education
 A Diagnostic Analysis of the Enabling Support Mechanisma for Promoting Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) in the New Economic Environment  Ministry of SSI & ARI
 E-commerce strategy for competirive advantage : A comparative study in South East Asia  Dalmia Foundation (Dalmia Bros. Pvt. Ltd.)
 Management skill formation programme for entrepreneurial ventures  Small Industries Development Bank Of India
 International Competitiveness of Selected Indian Industries  Dalmia Foundation (Dalmia Bros. Pvt. Ltd.)
 Management skill formation programme for entrepreneurial ventures  Small Industries Development Bank Of India
 Design of Security Services for Internet-Intranet  National Informatics Centre
 Managerial Values and Organizational Culture in Select South East Asian Countries: A Comparative Analysis  Dalmia Foundation (Dalmia Bros. Pvt. Ltd.)
 Comparative IT Management Practice in Asia  Dalmia Foundation (Dalmia Bros. Pvt. Ltd.)
 Financial Management Practices in Select Private Orgainisations : A Comparative Study of India, Thailand and Singapore  Dalmia Foundation (Dalmia Bros. Pvt. Ltd.)
 ModiCorp Learning Centre  Modicorp
 A software costing model-base with expert system extensions in selected domains  Department of Science & Technology
 Management Skills Formation Programme for Entrepreneural Ventures  Small Industries Development Bank Of India
 Corpus Fund For Entrepreneurship Development Programme of SIDBI  Small Industries Development Bank Of India
 Management Values, Culture and Management Practices in Indian Organizations: A Psychological Perspective.  Dalmia Foundation (Dalmia Bros. Pvt. Ltd.)
 Comparative Information Technology Practices in India  Dalmia Foundation (Dalmia Bros. Pvt. Ltd.)
 Financial management practices in select private corporate enterprises – a comparative study of India and select countries of South-East Asia  Dalmia Foundation (Dalmia Bros. Pvt. Ltd.)
 Management of Technology  All India Council for Technical Education