Leadership Webinar Series

To ensure continuous learning and bridge the gap between corporate and academia, IIC organizes a series of lectures by a senior leader from the industries. In an engaging session, the industry veteran shares his/her insights on a particular topic with DMS IIT Delhi’s larger audience. The main aim of Leadership Webinar Series is to keep students up to date with the recent changes, trends, and challenges that industries are facing.

Mr. Chellanamasivayam M. (Shivam) , EVP & Head – Group IT Infrastructure Practice, Capgemini

Sir started the session with the technical difficulties involved in framework and work from home issues faced by many organizations and  emphasized on the Net Zero Campus strategy implemented in Capgemini during the risk management process at Capgemini. He inferred the need for cyber security in the digital age. On an endnote sir also showed a live tour video of the centre and how sustainability can be achieved.

Mr. Anupam Katheriya, Associate Vice President- Marketing & Business Development, Emami

The students gained a lot of knowledge from sir’s insights on various topics like surviving and accelerating growth in the new paradigm, managing various black swan events, how to prepare for the worst and hope for the best and how to convert crisis into the new opportunity by leading.

Dr. Shubhra Chakraborty, Marketing Manager, Phillips

Insights were shared on various topics like project Poshan, personal branding pillars, creating a brand “you”, benefits of Linkedin and how to make a good Linkedin profile, empowering (fearless, selfless, egoless) and guidance related to placements.