Apply for a Visa

This information applies to new international students who have received an Offer of Place from DMS, IIT Delhi. A Student Visa is a multiple entry visa issued to bona fide students who wish to pursue regular studies in recognized educational institutions in India. The Applicant is required to possess a valid passport with a valid Indian visa before they start their travel to India.

Applying from overseas

  1. Complete the Student Visa Application form on the BOI website , including all required supporting documents.
  2. Follow BOI's instruction for the whole process, e.g. provide additional documents if required, send your passport to the advised address.
Different supporting documents are required depending on where you’re applying from, but you’ll usually need at least:
  • A passport that is valid for at least three months past the end of your intended stay
  • A copy of your Offer of Place letter from DMS
  • Evidence that you have the funds to support yourself while you’re studying
  • Proof of how you’ll return home when your studies are complete (like copies of airline tickets or proof of funds to buy them).

You can find full details on what you must supply on the BOI website.