International Collaborations

Simon Fraser University, Canada

Akanksha Malik and Swati Garg, Research Scholars (HR/OB area) of Department of Management Studies, were invited as Visiting Researchers at the Simon Fraser University, British Columbia.

They were part of the Global Leadership and Organization Behaviour Effectiveness (GLOBE) project.

The GLOBE project is an international study of the relationship among societal culture, leadership and organizational practices. With more than 200 researchers from 62 countries studying more than 17,000 mid-level managers in the initial phases, the 2004 study is the largest and most prestigious study of its kind in the social sciences. The latest study conducted in 2014 demonstrated significant influence of culture on societal leadership expectations and the importance of matching CEO behaviors to expectations for leadership effectiveness.

Akanksha and Swati worked under Prof Ali Dastmalchian, President and Chair of the Board of Directors for the GLOBE foundation. Their task was to analyse the societal culture and leadership data of 62 countries and provide an in-depth country-specific description for all the countries. The experience provided various opportunities for their learning and development.

They gained useful insights on various constructs of societal culture and leadership which would be beneficial for their research aspirations. Discussing their work with researchers from various fields provided them different perspectives. The meticulous research environment at the internship instilled a sense of diligence and competence in them.