Global Field Study

The flagship program conducted by International Relations Committee is the Global Field Study (GFS) program

It involves the entire batch of full time and executive MBA students travelling to a foreign locale to help them develop a wider perspective of the globally followed business practices,

  • Allows for extensive interaction with the local industry
  • To enhance student understanding of the global context in which businesses operate
  • Explore new avenues and respecting the richness in cultural diversity
  • Boosts their enthusiasm to work in a rapidly changing business environment.

As a part of the program, students pursue a 14-hour course taught by an international faculty in a niche area, get the opportunity to visit multiple corporate locations – huge conglomerates and start-ups in equal measure. It also involves fun visits to locations of historical and cultural significance. As a part of the GFS last year, students were hosted by universities in South Africa, Israel, Japan and Australia. In the past, students have visited Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, among other locations.