Student Life

The accent of student life and activities on the campus is to provide an invigorating and creative environment. A distinguishing feature is the advantage that the Management Student has in drawing upon the structure of a well established quality institution like the IIT. It also gives a unique context of interaction with good students of other discipline besides, of course, the strength of rich infrastructure. There are eight boys hostels and two girls hostels in IIT Delhi. Each hostel accommodates more than 400 students. IITD is not all about studies. Its aim is to would the leaders of future.The Students' Activity Centre (SAC) is the nerve centre of all student activities on the campus. With a moat on one side and a high stone-wall on the other, the Students' Activity Centre recalling memories of an ancient fort. The Centre comprising a Club Building, Gymnasium Hall, Swimming Pool, Amphitheatre, Music Rooms, Hobbies Workshop and a large Dark Room, caters to various hobbies of the students. They have a place to paint, to sculpt or to tinker with the radio. There are committee rooms where they can hold formal or informal meetings and a large marble-floored hall for exhibitions. On the first floor of the Centre, students have facility to play billiards. The large gymnasium hall is over 10 m. high where the students have a place for badminton in inclement weather or to engage themselves in gymnastics.

The Institute has a 16-exercise multigym. A large swimming pool with clean blue water makes their campus life cool in summer. The swimming pool is indeed the most popular sport for students during the hot summer. The pride of the Centre is its huge Amphitheatre, which can accommodate 3,500 persons. With a magnificent stage and attached green rooms, it is perhaps one of the finest of its kind in the country. The Institute offers excellent opportunities, covering a very wide range, to its students to participate in recreational and creative activities. Students interested in drama, music or indoor games can join the Dramatics Club, Music Club or Indoor Sports Club. Students who wish to pursue hobbies can find creative expression for their interests by participation in Photography Society, Fine Arts Society, Hobbies Society and Publicity Cell. Opportunities for literacy expression are offered by English Debating and Literacy Club, Hindi Samiti and Quizzing Club.The Film Series Committee organises regular shows of feature films whereras the Lecture Series Committee organizes lectures by eminent persons on topics of students' interests. Faciliybadd

Generally, the activities organised include interhouse(inter hostel) and inter-college competitions. An annual inter-college cultural festival "Rendezvous" is organised to encourage interaction between various institutions and to promote competitions of high standard. Teams from a large number of colleges and institutes from all over the country participate in this annual event, which comprises of competitions in dramas, music, debate, quiz, art, etc. Through these extra-curricular activities, the growth and development of the total personality of a student is ensured. In the second semester, a festival "Utsav" is organised in which the students are exposed to various art and craft forms by professionals.

Departmental Activities

Along with the plethora of IIT Delhi student activities, there are a lot of B-school activities that happen in the department. The student committees and clubs under the guidance of faculty organise a gamut of events that characterise a b-school life. The following are some of the events are organised by the students:-

  • Parivartan - Annual business fest
  • Building India Inc - Annual business summit
  • Confluence - the Idea series
  • CEO Conclave
  • Media Conclave
  • Alumni Meets
  • Domain-specific weekend lecture series
  • Case Study Competitions
  • Guest Lectures
  • and many more...

The above mentioned events are apart from the various Conferences, Round table meets, MDPs, and Workshops that are organised by the Department in various fields of Management and Research. Students also get work under the guidance of the faculty in various research activities, which is an unique feature of this MBA programme.