Department Of Management Studies | IIT Delhi

Student's Committee in DMS

Alumni Commitee

DMS, IIT Delhi has been nurturing and creating managers in various industries as a leader, an entrepreneur or an academician.

Technical Commitee

TechCom is in charge of regular updation and enhancement of the Department web-site ,administration and maintenance of the Acer Competency Labs.

Cultural Affairs Commitee

The Cultural Affairs Committee conceptualizes Parivartan, the annual business festival of DMS, IIT Delhi

Industry Interaction Committee

B-Schools and industry, which for long have been operating in separate domains, are rapidly inching closer to each other to create synergies.

Media Commitee - MEDIACELL

The Media Cell of DMS is the interface through which outside world connects to the Institute and vice versa and responsible for building relationships with the media.

Placement Commitee - PLACECOM

The Campus Relations Team is a student elected body that interacts with the companies on a continuous basis, to bring the optimum and best-fit career opportunities.

Sports Commitee - KHEL

Sports form an integral part of the DMS culture with students making the best of the plethora of sport facilities

Management Systems Society

Management Systems Society (MSS) is the central body of students responsible for various student's activities of DMS.

Admission Commitee

The admissions committee is responsible for conducting all the activities related to the admissions in this prestigious institute.

GFS Commitee

The Global Field Study program was started with a vision to provide Global exposure to students of DMS. Under the GFS program.