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Student's Club in DMS

The D-Mint @ DMS, IIT Delhi brings together all the bright minds pursuing interests in the world of finance. The club involves itself in regular meetings, presentations and provides a forum for exchange of ideas in the current and emerging areas of finance. Apart from conducting seminars and guest lectures from the industry heads, the club provides an excellent platform for preparation for certifications and organising simulation games in the area of finance.
The club Op Centre is focussed on acquainting students with the best practices of the world like Six Sigma, TQM and various Manufacturing marvels that emphasise on excellence in execution. The Op Centre also conducts various tasks in the class where students are supposed to develop solutions for operating procedures, most of the times in IIT itself. The activities involve developing solutions in terms of layout, cycle time and productivity etc. for various operational issues..
Ad-Marque, the Marketing Club, formed with the purpose of supplementing class room learning with knowledge sharing and practical experience, Is the testing and learning ground for all the marketing enthusiasts at DMS. Subject to invigorating rounds of solving real life case studies, playing selling games, analyzing company marketing/ advertising strategies the members are always kept on their toes. The club also organizes guest lectures to supplement learning.
The name India rings the bell of IT innovation across the world today. The latest sensation in IT and ITeS worldwide in India, and the raw and wide talent pool of Indias IT domain needs sharp and tactical managerial acumen to guide towards greater heights where it is bound to be. This is why DMS fosters Engineering talent that is interested in IT management, and provides them inter-disciplinary exposure through entry into the UG curriculum and activities of IIT and participation and organization of activities at IIT that need IT Management in them. The i-Prabhat club voyages the entourage of DMS into the newer horizons of IT Management and equips the members with the adequate skill set of manoeuvring the waves of IT in India to its own advantage through a series of live projects, lectures, discussions and initiatives IPNA-YCI.
Human capital is what most of the companies cherish and compete the competition with. Human Capital Retention, Career Planning and Management, Entry and Exit Strategies etc. play a vital role which is why the HR managers are in vogue today. HR Club Resource Dimension emphasizes on issues like Organization Behaviour and Organization Management. Several Organizations are studied by the students who make interactive presentations and case studies to share it with the entire student body. Apart from this the club also handles activities like Team Building games and Personal Analysis tests like MBTI test for the students thus enabling Organizational Learning over Individual learning.
Welcome to our world of bounces and pounces,the passes and buzzer(s) ! The Quiz Club of DMS,IIT Delhi is a completely student run activity, a window for all the students to know about the current affairs,history and trivia of the business world.The Quiz Club helps the students gain insights to the non-academic aspects of business and understand the worldly dynamics and oppurtunities that govern it,with our weekly quizzes that run throughout the year.The club is not only a platform for internal activity,but we promote competing at the best levels.The students of DMS paticipate in and conduct quizzes across various platforms and have many accolades to their names
The objective of the clubs is to provide students a platform to discuss relevant emerging issues in each of these functional areas. People from the industry are invited to present their views at the sessions of these clubs. These clubs form a part to the industrial interaction committee and help organize the respective confluences.
Team Strategica as we call it, is the mastermind behind quantifying managerial acumen of DMS, condensing it into a theory nutshell and presenting it to the receptive students of DMS. The core of the club lies in extracting strategic thought from the students through interactive case studies and live discussions in the class
The EntreeBiz at Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi is a Platform run by DMS students. The Club is dedicated to imbibe a belief of never to feel inhibited to think out of the box. The Club provides a platform to all budding ideas through
Workshops ,Guest lectures ,Biz-Conclaves,Biz Summit,Brain storming and discussion sessions,Mentorship,Role Playing We help young minds with refining their ideas, finding funds, networks and necessary connections