The department of management studies has long been considered to be an elite institution tasked with nurturing and educating fertile young minds for the next generation of management in this country. We consider it our fundamental duty to acquire and disseminate knowledge relating to management, be it through research, teaching, industry interface or even policy decisions. Each year we welcome several dignitaries, members of academia and various departmental speakers to the unparalleled public lectures and debates hosted by this institute.

It fills our heart with joy to say that over the past three decades, the alumni of this college have served for big corporates and have given remarkable fillips to the development plans of this country. The excellent standard of education imparted within these hallowed walls is acknowledged across the length and breadth of the nation. Our college is consistently ranked among the top colleges in India with an enviable placement report. Every February as the bright rays of sunshine seep through the smoggy air, embracing us with a new zest for life, the cultural affairs committee organizes our annual management festival ‘Parivartan’ where talents meet the talented. The department transforms into an epic coterie of wistfulness where eminent people from all walks of life exchange ideas with the students of this prestigious institute. Management students throng here. They thrive in the pollen of wisdom which is provided here and they begin their journey towards unleashing the excellence in them from here. Parivartan' 15 included a wide audience and invited participation from premier colleges countrywide and involved them in an invigorating indulgence into the world of business. Parivartan ’15 , apart from the core management related competitions and insights, had to offer a DJ night & a performance by the band “Antariksh” followed by a performance from the team ”The Viral Fever”.