Other Facilities

Recreational & Creative Activities (RCA)

The Institute offers excellent opportunities, covering a very wide range, to its students to participate in recreational and creative activities. Students interested in drama, music or indoor games can join the Dramatics Club, Music Club or Indoor Sports Club. Students who wish to pursue hobbies can find creative expression for their interests by participation in Photography Society, Fine Arts Society, Hobbies Society and Publicity Cell. Opportunities for literacy expression are offered by English Debating and Literacy Club, Hindi Samiti and Quizzing Club.The Film Series Committee organises regular shows of feature films whereras the Lecture Series Committee organizes lectures by eminent persons on topics of student's interests. Generally , the activities organised include inter-house and inter-college competitions. An annual inter-college cultural festival "Rendezvous" is organised to encourage interaction between various colleges and to promote competitions of high standard.

Teams from a large number of colleges and institutes all over the country participate in this annual event which comprises competitions in dramas, music, debate, quiz, art, etc. Through these extra-curricular activities, the growth and development of the total personality of a student is ensured.

These multifarious activities are co-ordinated by the RCA Board, a constituent body of the Student Affairs Council. The Board comprises students and faculty members. It is governed by its own Constitution.

Sports and Games

The Institute lays considerable emphasis on student participation in various outdoor and indoor games. The students are encouraged to participate in games and sports activities which cover athletics (men and women), badminton (men and women), basketball (men and women), cricket, football, gliding, gymnastics, hiking and mountainee-ring, hockey, judo, kabaddi, squash, table tennis (men and women), tennis, volleyball, yoga, weightlifting, multi-gym, swimming and water-polo. These activities make the leisure hours of students profitable. Emphasis is laid on mass participation by the students. Well laid out fields are available on the campus. A cricket field, a hockey and a football ground, volleyball and basket-ball courts (flood lit), six tennis courts (one of these flood-lit), tennis parctice wall, table tennis tables (one in each hostel), three squash courts, one badminton hall, a swimming pool, weightlifting/weight training apparatus, a stadium with standard athletics track and ancillary arrangements for athletics are the facilities available to the students. The Institute is affiliated with the local federations in almost all the games to give outlet to the students for participation in different games outside the campus. Well qualified Sports Officer assisted by physical training instructors are on the staff to help the students in developing their interest in the games and preparing them to acceptable standards. The various sports activities are organised both at the hostel and Institute level. Each hostel has a sports secretary and a captain for every game and each hostel is represented on the Board for Sports Activities.

Inter-hostel competitions and tournaments are arranged in all games and sports activities. The Institute teams in swimming, water polo, cricket, hockey, football, volleyball, basketball (men and women), table tennis (men and women), tennis, badminton (men and women), weightlifting and athletics (men and women), participate in the Inter-IIT Sports Meet, Inter-University/Inter-College tournaments, local tournaments and other open competitions. The sports activities are directed by the Board for Sports Activities (BSA). One faculty member is associated with each game/activity and the President, BSA is Chairman of the Board. All the faculty members associated with the games, Sports Officer, Captains, Vice-Captains and hostel sports secretary are members of the Board. The Board is responsible for laying down policies and programmes for different activities of the Sports Unit.

Those who excel in any sports activities like inter IIT Sports Meet are given various certificates, prizes and awards including IIT Delhi Blazers & Blues.

Departmental Professional Societies

Most of the Departments/Centres have professional societies managed by the faculty and students in order to promote academic intersts. Some of the details of the student activities can be found from the synonymous menu item on the left.

Students' Canteens

There are two canteens for the students :one in Hostel area just opposite to Aravali Hostel and the other located infront of Library across the road.The hostel area canteen is open normally from 4 p.m. till midnight. The other canteen runs during the Institute working hours. Working of both the canteens is looked after by the canteen cell of the Board of Hostel Management. There are Coffee and Cold drinks vending machines in the Institute.

Book Shop

For the benefit of the student community, there is a book shop situated in hostel area. Another bookshop is being planned in the academic area. There are a number of xeroxing facilities like one in the Library and two in the academic area.

Medical Facilities

The Institute has a hospital centrally situated in the campus. It provides facilities for OPD treatment and admissions. It has a Pathology Lab. providing facilities for blood, urine, stool examination and biochemical tests, equipped with a semi-auto analyser. The X-ray Department undertakes routine radiography. There is a Physiotherapy Unit with modern equipments. The Dental Unit provides dental facilities by dental surgeon and technician. It has separate dental X-ray machine. The Elcectrocardiogram ( ECG) facility is also available. A small Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has been started with bed side ECG monitor, Cardiac defibrillator etc. Nebuliser for aerosol therapy is available in emergency for patients who come in acute attack of Bronchial Asthma.