Distinguishing Features

DMS, IIT Delhi provides varied programmes and formats to meet demanding needs for management arena.

  • Heavy research orientation, which is used extensively for designing courses to respond to current industry issues and continuously revise the contents of the courses. The Department faculty has published over five (5) dozen books and over 1000 papers in various journals and conference volumes
  • Central Recruitment of DMS faculty members by IIT Delhi - Well-qualified internal faculty complemented by carefully selected adjunct faculty with considerable industry or domain expertise
  • Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management – DMS collaborates with other departments of IIT Delhi – Electical Engineering (EE), Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Mathematics and Mechanical Department – to offer MBA, M.Tech and PhD programme which focus on Telecom Systems Management
  • World class IT infrastructure with a very high computer to student ratio, a rich software repository that facilitates computer aided instructions and enables hands on experience on leading business enterprises
  • The faculty has contributed at the highest policy level committees of Government of India (GoI), served on various boards of corporate entities and contributed to industry via consultancy worth 384.4 Lakhs