Director's Message

Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao

(Director) IIT DELHI

At the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, we are committed to playing a key role in creating an ambience for the creation of nedw ideas, knowledge and graduates who will be market leaders of tomorrow. In doing so, we hope to make significant contributions to the development of the country and to the improvement in quality of life of its citizens. We are convinced that in order to achieve this objective, we will need to pursue a strategy that fosters creativity, supports interdisciplinary research and education. This will provide the students with an understanding and appreciation not only of the process of knowledge creation, but also of the process by which technology and knowledge may be used to create wealth as well as achieve social and economic goals. The Department of Management Studies (DMS) is an essential component of this strategy.

The DMS, ever since its inception has been growing in strength and stature, gaining from the synergy provided by the rich technological and intellectual environment of the multi-dimensional academic programmes which has been the hallmark of the IIT system. For last several years, it has been rated amongst the Top Business Schools of the country.The students, once admitted through a very rigorous process of selection, receive inputs through class room training, research projects and industry interaction. The rich and unique learning environment develops the student physically, intellectually and emotionally. A series of activities such as a cultural festival, a management festival, a technical festival, industry focused seminars and extracurricular activities, open them to challenges of leadership. A two month long summer internship gives them a peep into the problems and issues they are going to face and solve in the future. I am sure, prospective employers will find our MBAs responding to their expectations.