About DMS

Welcome to Department of Management Studies (DMS)

The Department of Management Studies is a result of the evolutionary process of growth of an idea floated in 1963. What was then a seed, gradually came to life and in 1974, IIT Delhi set up an internal committee to scrutinize the functioning of the management area in the institute. In 1975, an expert committee was setup to formally examine the possibility of launching this area in a more sustained fashion. The result was an M.Tech programme in "Management Systems" in the School for System Studies, (subsequently renamed School for Systems and Management Studies). The year 1978 saw the setting up of the Management Core Group and the core inputs to a full time Management Education at IIT(D) were reconfirmed by an Advisory Committee constituted by the representatives of the Academia and the industry. Since then, there has been no looking back. The School for Systems and Management Studies became the Centre for Systems and Management Studies. This was subsequently renamed as the Centre for Management Studies.

In 1993 the Department was brought into existence by amendment to IIT (D) statutes. Clearly, the Department responds to a felt need of the Indian Industry and derives satisfaction from its heavy field orientation in all its curriculum activity. In response to the feedback from the students, alumni and industry, the Department of Management Studies launched MBA programmes in 1997. The department currently runs a two year full time MBA programme (General and with focus on Telecommunication Systems Management) and a three year part time MBA programme (with focus on Technology Management). MBA program in IIT Delhi is designed keeping in mind the changes in business environment and the need of the industry. Our academic program is comparable to the best that are available in the world class business schools for creating managers to face the new challenges of the ever changing market environment. The entire course aims at creating holistic managers trained by a very eminent faculty, which is also supported by the experienced professionals as external faculty from India and abroad. The students are admitted through a rigorous screening process that includes CAT score, group discussion and interview. IITD MBAs are known to do well.
A chronological order of evolution is given below:

  • 1963 Barnett committee report mentions 'management as an area' which was accepted by senate.

  • 1974 an internal IITD committee was set up to scrutinise the operation of Management Systems area in IITD. It recommended strengthening at all level.

  • 1975 an expert committee, set up, which endorsed the views of internal committee

  • 1975 'School of Systems Studies' was set up led by Prof.P.S.Satsangi

  • 1976 M Tech (Management & Systems) was started at the 'School of Systems Studies'; it was seen as 'Interdisciplinary Program' whose coordinator was Prof. Sudhir Kakkad. Other supporting faculty were Prithpal Singh, Vinayshil Gautam and S.S.Lodha (Humanities & Social Sciences Dept.) and Prof. Prem Vrat (Mechanical Engineering Dept.)

  • 1978 an advisory committee was set up from academia and industry which recommended a post graduate management program with core inputs in management

  • 1978 'School of System Studies' renamed 'School of Systems and Management Studies'

  • 1980 Educational Advisor (Technical), Mininstry of Education initiated a national workshop on Management Education,held in IIT Delhi . Following its deliberations the School of System and Management Studies was  converted into a,  'Centre for Systems & Management Studies' Prof Subhash Chander was its head. 'The Center" could run its interdisciplinary programme, unlike 'a School' which was a notional concept. The Center could have its faculty

  • 1985 CSMS was renamed as 'Centre for Management Studies' under Prof  Subhash Chander while 'Applied Systems Research Program' was established to pursue systems studies led by Prof.P.S.Satsangi.

  • 1986 CMS statred PG Moduler Program in Dec. 1986 on the lines of the New Education Policy of Govt. Of India.
  • 1989 A fresh Institute concept paper was duly approved, when  Prof.N.C.Nigam was the Director of IIT-D. As a fall out, review of  all Centres was initiated. Three centres (CMS, Biochemical, Material Sci) were considered for upgradation to department status. Finally, two centres (CMS & Biochemical) were recommended for Departmental status in 1992-93 via senate, BoG,requiring a statutory change.Prof Vinayshil Gautam was the serving Head of Management.

  • 1993 June approval received, for creation of 'Department of Management Studies' via the Visitor,President of India

  • 1997 The Department moved from running the M Tech Programme in Management and Systems   to a MBA format. Prof. Sushil was the Head and Prof. Prem Vrat was Dean (PGS&R) played crucial role in this.