Prof. Vivek G Nair

Assistant Professor

(Ph.D., IIM Calcutta)

Prof. Vivek G Nair as an Assistant Professor at IIT Delhi. He teaches courses for the B.Tech, MBA and doctoral programs. He has over 12 years of experience as a researcher and practitioner. His research has been published in journals of international repute. Prior to his PhD, he has worked in various capacities across domains such as Information Technology (IT), Automotive, and Test-Prep industry. Vivek holds a B.Tech degree from NIT Calicut, PGDM/MBA from IIM Bangalore and PhD from IIM Calcutta.

Those keen to pursue a full-time PhD program in Organizational Behavior or Human Resource Management from any of the top IITs/IIMs may write to Dr Nair to discuss their ideas. However, it is useful to discuss research ideas once an aspirant has done some pre-work. This could be in the form of reading the latest and relevant academic journal articles from reputed sources such as FT50 Journals (The list of journals is available here: Access to these papers can typically be obtained through websites like ResearchGate or Google Scholar.
One could also explore any of the below references.
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Online Courses: