Ranjan Pal

Prof. Ranjan Pal

International Faculty

(Ph.D, Univ. of Southern California)

Dr. Ranjan Pal (Ph.D, Computer Science, University of Southern California)

Dr. Ranjan’s primary research interests lie in the mathematical modeling, analysis, and design of cyber-security, privacy, communication networks, and the Smart Grid, using tools from economics, game theory, applied probability and statistics, algorithms, graph theory, information theory, and mathematical optimization. He received his PhD in Computer Science from USC in 2014, and was the recipient of the Provost Fellowship throughout his PhD studies. During his PhD, Ranjan held visiting scholar positions at the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Princeton University, USA, and Deutsch Telekom Research Laboratories (T-Labs), Germany. Prior to his Ph.D, Ranjan has held research positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, National University of Singapore, Aalborg University, Indian Institute of Technology, and Indian Institute of Management. Apart, from being an applied mathematician, Ranjan also takes a light interest in information technology policy. His PhD research on cyber-insurance (the first ever Ph.D on cyber-insurance for inter-networked systems) has appeared in USC News, USC Graduate School, Wikipedia, and generated press interests from the MIT Technology Review. He has around 60 publications in journals, conference, and workshops of international repute. Ranjan has also consulted on cyber-insurance for various companies, and is a member of the IEEE, the ACM, the American Mathematical Society (AMS), and the Game Theory Society. Ranjan’s ‘Erdos number is 4. In his spare time (not that much nowadays :)) Ranjan does international travel, listens to music, watches movies, swims, and plays/watches cricket and soccer. He also has deep interests in Indian philosophy and Vedic astrology.

Area of Interest: Design and Analysis of Information Systems, Applied Game Theory, Economics, Applied Probability and Statistics, Mathematical Optimization, Algorithms, Graph Theory, Information Theory

Email: rpal@usc.edu
Phone: 91-11-26591171
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