Prof. Neeraj Sanan

Adjunct Faculty

(University of Manchester)

Professor Neeraj Sanan is an authority on internet-led entrepreneurship & integrated marketing practices. Drawing on a deep understanding of category economics, Prof Sanan has a rich experience of over two and half decades in launching consumer-led new ventures, brand migration, analytics, market research, and communication. He has set up high-performing marketing teams across different business verticals including FMCG, Confectionery, Paints, Broadcast Media, Internet businesses, and Artificial Intelligence. Prof Sanan’s thesis and research interests are in the area of Internet Acceptance and its impact on traditional businesses. He advises several large Indian business houses in digital transformation, both D2C and/or omnichannel, for sustained, accelerated business growth. He teaches Marketing ROI & Media metrics at IIM, Bangalore.


Ph: +91-97111827777