Media Conclave

What role does the Media have to play in taking growth to the people? When does government proposed schemes stop just being buzzwords and become understandable concepts to the people, especially those who are the true targets of said schemes? To answer these questions, we invited eminent panelists to throw some light and enlighten us with their invaluable insights on: "Is awareness the missing link to inclusive growth?"




Mantra’23: Demystifying Marketing for Gen Z

The Department of Management Studies at IIT Delhi concluded its annual media conclave, Mantra’23, on January 8th, 2023. This year’s focus was on a crucial question: “Aggressive vs. Discrete Marketing: What Works Best for Gen Z?” 


The event brought together industry leaders and students for a lively and insightful discussion. The Panel members consist of:-

Ms. Ananya Mukherjee, Director of PR & Marketing – Taj Palace.

Ms Aradhika S. Mehta, Head of Marketing- Tasva.

Mr. Farid Ahmed, Head of Marketing- Apollo Tyres.

Mr. Manish Tandon, VP & Global Head- Marketing- Astreya.

Ms.Nidhi S Mittal, Head of Brand Marketing- Jio Saavn.

Mr. Atin Chhabra, VP Global Marketing- Schneider Electric.

Mr. Sushant Kumar, Head of Marketing- Aakash Byju’s. 


Panelists highlighted Gen Z’s unique digital habits and their preference for personalized experiences. While aggressive tactics like intrusive advertising were deemed ineffective, discreet approaches such as influencer marketing and authentic storytelling resonated as effective ways to engage this generation.

The importance of authenticity and transparency was emphasized, with brands encouraged to showcase their genuine values and connect with Gen Z on a personal level. Panelists also highlighted the growing influence of purpose-driven brands, as Gen Z consumers actively seek out companies that align with their values and contribute positively to society.

Mantra’23 provided valuable insights for both students and industry professionals, demonstrating the need for data-driven decision making and strategic marketing to effectively reach and engage Gen Z through tailored and meaningful experiences.