Building India Inc.

Building India Inc., the annual business summit organized by Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi, is a podium to highlight the contributions of Corporate India in the Indian economy and towards making India a developed nation.


April 7, 2018


April 8, 2018


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Business India Inc. is a business summit which is an attempt to bring together the government, corporate and the academia to deliberate on issues and challenges facing the nation and share their experiences and views with the larger audience. Building India Inc. witnesses active participation from top people in the corporate world, faculty from leading institutions and students from top B-schools.

Today business world is functioning on the fear of disruption. India is witnessing exponential growth in some areas while simultaneously facing stiff challenges in other areas. It is the need of the hour to bring the policy makers, industry experts and people to deliberate on the issue. With the innovation being the creator of the current system, it is absolute certain that without working together we will not be able to cope up with the changing business trends. People must intersect their thoughts, ideas for the creation of a better and a sustainable future. Hence the concept of concurrence plays key role in this regard. The Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi, believes that revolution is quietly taking shape and it envisions concurrence as the fundamental pillar that will help us usher into a new world. Therefore, it is contributing its bit in shaping this revolution by presenting

Building India Inc. 2018-Encouraging Concurrence: A beacon of change

Inaugration Session

  • Mr. Vijay Ahooja, EC Member, IITD Alumni Association
  • Dr. Ravi Shankar, Professor, DMS, IIT Delhi