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Welcome to the MBA Program at DMS, IIT Delhi!

At the Department of Management Studies (DMS), IIT Delhi, we pride ourselves on delivering a transformative MBA experience that blends the best of systems thinking with creative and analytical problem-solving skills. Established in 1993, DMS has continually been recognized for its academic rigor and excellence in management education.

Our MBA programs – the MBA (General) and the MBA (Telecommunication Systems Management) – are designed to develop holistic managers equipped for the dynamic business landscape of today and tomorrow.

MBA (General) – Full Time

This program is a unique amalgamation of traditional and modern management ideologies aimed at nurturing leaders who are adaptable, innovative, and equipped to thrive in ever-changing business environments. The curriculum offers a broad spectrum of courses, including Information Systems, Finance, Marketing, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, and Operations Management, allowing students to tailor their learning journey to their career aspirations.

MBA (Telecommunication Systems Management) – Full Time

A pioneering program at DMS, the MBA in Telecommunication Systems Management stands as a testament to our commitment to blending managerial acumen with technological expertise. The program covers all key business functions with a special emphasis on Telecommunication Systems Management, drawing inputs from the Bharti School of Telecom Technology and Management of IIT Delhi. This holistic approach prepares our graduates to become leaders in the Telecom sector, equipped with a deep understanding of technology, business, and regulation.

Highlights of Our MBA Programs:

  • Renowned Faculty: Our faculty members are not just educators but also leading contributors to policymaking and research in the realms of management, academia, and industry.
  • Innovative Pedagogy: We employ a variety of teaching methods, including Harvard case studies, simulation exercises, and project-based learning, to foster experiential and process-oriented learning.
  • Global Field Study (GFS): This unique aspect of our program encourages students to undertake global projects, enhancing their decision-making and team-building skills.
  • Extensive Research and Consultancy: Our faculty’s research is widely recognized and contributes significantly to our teaching methods.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: We boast one of India’s largest collections of field reports in the management area and cutting-edge computational facilities.
  • Strong Industry Connections: Our graduates are highly sought after, with a consistent record of 100% placement in leading firms across various sectors.
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Through initiatives like ‘NIVAH’, our students engage in projects addressing socio-economic and environmental challenges.

DMS, IIT Delhi, is the place where tradition meets innovation, and education transcends the classroom to shape future business leaders. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we continue to evolve, keeping pace with the global business environment.

Embrace the Journey of Excellence at DMS, IIT Delhi!

Curriculum Details

Masters of Business Administration (General) – Full Time

Program Structure:

  • Core Courses: The MBA General program includes a comprehensive set of core courses covering essential aspects of management. These courses encompass areas such as Financial Management, Business Research Methods, Strategic Management, Ethics & Values-Based Leadership, Information Systems Management, and more, providing a solid foundation in business principles.
  • Electives: A wide range of electives allows students to specialize in areas of their interest. These electives span across various domains including Marketing Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, and others, offering the flexibility to tailor the MBA experience.
  • Specializations: While offering a broad-based management education, the program allows for specialization in key areas such as Information Systems, Finance, Marketing, Strategic Management, and Operations Management, enabling students to align their MBA experience with their career goals.
  • Major Project: The curriculum includes a significant focus on practical projects and research, allowing students to apply their learning in real-world scenarios. This project work is an integral part of the program, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Masters of Business Administration (Telecommunication Systems Management) – Full Time

Program Structure:

  • Core Courses: The core curriculum for the Telecommunication Systems Management program includes specialized courses tailored to the telecom sector. This includes in-depth studies in Telecommunication Systems, Telecom System Analysis Planning & Design, International Telecommunication Management, along with core management subjects.
  • Electives: The program offers electives focusing on various aspects of telecommunications and management, providing students with an opportunity to delve deeper into specific areas of interest within the telecom domain.
  • Specializations: The specialization in Telecommunication Systems Management is distinctive, offering insights into Telecom Technology, Business, and Regulation. This specialization is supported by courses from the Bharti School of Telecom Technology and Management, ensuring a robust and industry-relevant curriculum.
  • Major Project: The curriculum emphasizes a major project in the area of telecommunications, encouraging students to undertake research-driven work that showcases their ability to apply skills acquired throughout the program in a practical and impactful manner.

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This curriculum design for both MBA programs at DMS, IIT Delhi, ensures that students not only gain a comprehensive understanding of management principles but also acquire specialized skills tailored to their chosen field, be it general management or telecommunication systems management.

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