Corporate Chanakya

We at DMS, IIT Delhi organize Corporate Chanakya, an online guest lecture series, establishing interaction between business leaders from different domains in the industry and the students of our institute to develop pragmatic business acumen with enriching industry insights. In this guest lecture series, the leaders share their insights on different topics related to various domains, which are focused on the interest of students’ careers. This provides an opportunity for our students to directly interact with the eminent leaders from esteemed organizations and get a flavor of practical implementation of their knowledge and understanding the minute things that are needed to be taken care of, post their MBA.


Deepak Jain, CFO, Ather Energy

During the session, Deepak took the students through the journey of Ather since its inception. Students were given a fair idea of the EV ecosystem, including the infrastructure setup of charging stations all over India and the culture of work and innovation that Ather fosters.


Anjana Varma, Team Lead, B-School Hiring, and Enablement Team, Capgemini

During the session, Ms. Anjana talked in detail about the changes seen in the workplace strategies and policies due to the pandemic. Students got a grasp of how this shift to remote/hybrid working has impacted organizations and what measures are adopted to maximize efficiency.


Debashish Ghosh, VP and Country HR Head, Berkadia

During the session, the students gathered many valuable insights in preparation for their careers ahead. Mr. Debashish addressed the batch on topics revolving around leadership qualities and what differentiates leaders & managers. He talked about the importance of continuous learning, and always being receptive to feedback and criticism. He explained how being responsible in helping people succeed is an important part of one’s leadership skills. He also used real-life examples and tales to showcase outstanding deeds of leadership, followed by briefly talking about Berkadia.


Abhinav Kumar, Senior Consultant, Infosys Consulting

During the session, the students gathered many valuable insights about how they can achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. Mr Abhinav Kumar gave precious advice on various topics like maintaining 5 types of health, the importance of maintaining discipline in life, developing one’s skills and personality, and learning from failures.


Pratik Ranjan, Management Consultant, Boston Consulting Group

During the session, the students gathered many valuable insights about Cracking Case Interviews & Guesstimates.


Sarthak Prakash, Global Strategic Sourcing Manager, GE Power

During the session, the students gathered many valuable insights regarding preparation for their careers ahead. Mr. Sarthak addressed the batch on topics revolving around his diverse work experience and learnings at GE. He also guided the batch on how to make the most of their MBA journey.


Vishal Bansal, Talent Acquisition Lead, HP Inc.

It was a highly interactive session with the discussion revolving around Diversity & Inclusion best practices to the checkpoints of recruiting and employee upskilling opportunities. The students also gathered insights on how industry HR practices are evolving with the fast-paced emergence of technology and the gig economy.

gagandeep singh bajwa

Gagandeep Singh Bajwa, Head of Human Resource Department, WRI India

During the session, Mr. Gagandeep Singh Bajwa shared his valuable insights on the topic “Diversity and Inclusion of people in the corporate environment” with the students.


Ankur Chaturvedi, Head of International Supply Chain & Projects, Emami

During the session, Mr. Ankur Chaturvedi shared his valuable insights on the topic “Quintessential Supply Chain Management”.


Preeti Chaudhary, Founder of LinkedInLocal India

During the session, the students gathered valuable insights on leveraging LinkedIn for a professional career. She also highlighted the importance of LinkedIn when it comes to networking, the Do’s and Don’ts of the platform, and the etiquettes of building impactful profiles.

Samrat Sehgal

Samrat Sehgal, Head of Supply Chain, Dabur India Limited

During the session, Mr. Samrat discussed the different models of Supply Chain across organizations and shared key insights on the design of supply chain systems. Talking about the skills required, he highlighted the essential job and interpersonal skills for making a career in the supply chain. He also advised students regarding how they need to utilize their MBA life to build successful careers in Supply Chain Management.

Deeksha Jha

Deeksha Jha, Manager HR, HDFC Life

Miss Deeksha shared keen insights on the topic “𝗟𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗧𝗶𝗺𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝗖𝗿𝗶𝘀𝗶𝘀.” She discussed in length the valuable skills and learnings that can help students transition from Campus to Corporate, especially in the new normal of the post-pandemic world. She also shared important insights into how the students can ace their interviews and become corporate-ready. The students gained valuable lessons from the leader’s perspective and gathered many detailed insights from the interactive session.

Geetika Kwatra

Geetika Kwatra, Associate Vice President, Head of Early Careers, India at NatWest Group

Miss Geetika addressed numerous questions of the batch revolving around interview handling techniques and presentation skills, the essential must-haves for management students. During the session, the students gathered many valuable insights in preparation for their careers ahead.

gaurav bhatia

Gaurav Bhatia, Associate Director, Supply Chain at Cipla

Mr. Gaurav discussed in-depth the known and unknown risks involved across the supply chain during the session. It was a highly engaging session where students clarified their queries regarding the supply chain especially pertaining to black swan events like the ongoing pandemic.

Tapan acharya

Tapan Acharya, Chief Revenue Officer, Omuni (Arvind Internet)

During the session, the students gathered many valuable insights into the startup ecosystem of India. It was a highly engaging session for young aspiring entrepreneurs as they got to delve deeper into the practicality of startup metrics and the essentials for building a startup.


Aditi Mukherjee, Executive Vice President & Head, Human Resources at NCDEX

During the session, the students gathered valuable insights on the importance and benefits of Design Thinking in improving HR services. Making the session interactive and engaging, Ms. Aditi discussed case studies on organizations implementing Design Thinking to transform their HR systems.


Sombit Roy, Manager – Campaigns & Insights at Titan Company Limited

During the highly engaging session, Mr. Sombit shared the changing trends in the customer experience and how access to digitization has inflected the user experience. He also discussed the four pillars of customer experience and how brands of Titan such as Tanishq and Eyeplus have implemented strategies to build their customer experience pillars.

Ankur Bhaumik

Ankur Bhaumik, Chief Operations Officer (COO) at MTR Foods Private Limited

During the session, Mr. Ankur discussed strategies and the role of IT-enabled Supply Chain in increasing customer service efficiency and cost improvement. He also highlighted the role of Supply Chain in designing de-risking strategies to manage disruption-free operations. The session witnessed immense participation from students with queries revolving around the future of Supply Chain.


Rahul Lakhmani, Founder and CEO of Skiify Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

During the session, the students gathered many valuable insights into the benefits and significance of geospatial data. He highlighted how Geospatial Analytics would lead to better decision-making in the current business scenario through multiple applications across domains.


Ashok Ramachandran, CEO & President, Schindler India

In the highly interactive session, Mr. Ashok shared his inspirational journey of becoming one of the youngest CEOs of Schindler worldwide and discussed key learnings from his life experiences. He also shared valuable insights on the importance of right networking and the influence of good work culture on the employees and the organization.