Prof. Eri Ikeda

Assistant Professor

(Ph.D., Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Dr. Eri Ikeda specialises in business cycles, in the field of macroeconomics and development. Born and raised in Japan, she has several years of international experiences, working and studying in Japan, the U.S., Belgium and the Netherlands, where she has obtained a deep knowledge of relevant subjects and built professional expertise and capacity for business operations. Currently, her main research interest lies in understanding the functioning of the global economic system, covering the areas of business cycles, development, and industrialisation. She also works on energy and environmental issues. She has recently authored a book: “Global business cycles and developing countries”, published by Routledge (2019). She has obtained her Master’s and Doctoral Degrees, both from the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

Area of Interest:
Business cycles, Development, Macroeconomics, Global Economy, Industrialisation, Environment