Welcome to the MBA Program at DMS, IIT Delhi! At the Department of Management Studies (DMS), IIT Delhi, we pride ourselves on delivering a transformative MBA experience that blends the best of systems thinking with creative and analytical problem-solving skills. Established in 1993, DMS has continually been recognized for its academic rigor and excellence in […]

MBA Telecom

MBA (with focus electives in Telecom System Management) The MBA Full Time Program with focus in Telecommunication Systems Management is a hallmark of techno-managerial excellence imparted to the scholars at DMS. This programme is comprehensive in nature, involving all the business functions – Information Systems, Finance, Marketing, Strategic Management, Human Resources Management, with an emphasis […]

Executive MBA

Executive MBA – 3 years MBA in Technology Management For the Indian industry to gain global competitiveness, effective management of technology is crucial. This would mean using technology as a strategic variable to gain competitive advantage and would require an organization to critically understand processes of technology planning and strategy, management of technology transfer and […]

Doctoral Programme (PhD)

The Department of Management Studies has a full-fledged PhD programme in Management. With its liberal multidisciplinary approach, the department provides excellent ambience for research amidst the world class infrastructure at IIT Delhi. In a recent Stanford study on Indian Universities doing research in social science, the Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi has been ranked […]