Suraj Das (Co-ordinator)

Mudita Mathur (Treasurer)

Jithin J

Barsha Pradhan

Rupesh Kumar

Rishabh Gupta


Rupjilika Timungpi

Nishigandha Pawar


Santosh G


Nivah Committee

NIVAH, the anagram which stands for Nurture, Inspire, Values/Vouch, Assist, Human. DMS IIT Delhi not only focuses on the corporate culture, but it gives due importance to the social sector responsibility as well. This society, NIVAH, manages the social sector arm of the department and ensures that students get the opportunity to work in NGOs or in the CSR department of corporates as also mandated in their curriculum. Dr. Mayur Chikhale is currently our committee faculty coordinator.

The team assists the students in obtaining Social Sector related projects and float opportunities to the students as and when applicable. We also organize a CSR conclave where CSR heads of various renowned corporates come together to discuss about the current initiatives that they have taken, and the challenges faced.