DMS, IIT Delhi provides varied programmes and formats to meet demanding needs for management arena.

Department Awards

  • Brands Academy Education Excellence Awards 2015
  • Leadership Award" (2015): Global Conference on Business and Finance - The Institute for Business and Finance Research
  • DMS, IIT Delhi is awarded the AASBI (Asian Association of Schools of Business International) award for the top B-School with Significant Internation Influence 2014.
  • ABP News National Education Awards honoured DMS, IIT Delhi with B-School Leadership Award
  • Big Research honoured DMS, IIT Delhi with best placement among autonomous management institutes in North India

Faculty Awards

  • “Best in Session Award” (2015) Awarded to Dr. Shveta Singh in Global Conference on Business and Finance – The Institute of Business and Finance Research 
  • Honorary Fellowship Award to Prof. D. K. Banwet, November 2014 by Indian Institute of Material Management.
  • Headlines Today award for Best Professor-2013. (Prof. Kanika T Bhal)
  • Excellence in Teaching Award (Prof. Kanika T Bhal) by IIT Delhi on Jan 2012
  • ‘Best Academician Research Paper Award’ (Prof. P K Jain) by Amity International Business School. (March, 2013)
  • Literati Award for outstanding excellence in research by Emerald Publishing for the paper titled “Capital Budgeting Decisions Evidence from India". Dr. Shveta Singh, Prof. P. K Jain and Prof. Surendra Singh Yadav
  • Amar Ujala B-School Excellence Award, Best Teacher in Financial Management to Prof. P. K. Jain (23/11/2012)
  • Best Professor Award to Prof. P. K. Jain in July 2012 by World Education Congress and CMO Asia at Singapore
  • Teaching Excellence Award to Prof. P.K. Jain, Department of Management Studies for 1st Semester 2011-12 for the Managerial Accounting and Financial Management (SML770)
  • “Best Teacher in Management” (Surendra S Yadav) under Amar Ujala B-School Excellence Awards, Mumbai, Nov. 2013
  • Leading German alumni-activities.html have ranked Prof. Shankar as the Top-most Indian academics in Logistics/SCM Research by virtue of highest number of well-referred research publications in the area (Ref.: C. Thaller, N. Moraitaki, H. Rogers, D. Sigge, U. Clausen, H.-C. Pfohl, E. Hartmann, & B. Hellingrath (2012), Analysis of the Logistics Research in India – White Paper, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), p. 3/11)
  • Recipient of award for "Best Professor in Supply Chain Management" (Ravi Shankar) 2012 by WORLD EDUCATION CONGRESS, Global Awards (For Excellence in Education Leadership & Teaching) on 29th June 2012 at Mumbai, India
  • Recipient of National Educational Award for "Best Professor in Operations Management" (Ravi Shankar) 2012 on 14 December 2012 at Taj Ambassador, New Delhi, India
  • Recipient of Dr. HARI SINGH GOUR AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN MANAGEMENT TEACHING in 5th IES National Teachers' Excellence Awards-2011 (Ravi Shankar) (Awarded on 13th December 2011)
  • Recipient of AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE 2011 BY LITERATI CLUB FOR PAPER PUBLISHED in: Journal of Modeling in Management" (Ravi Shankar) (Vol. 5, Issue 2) AS A ‘HIGHLY COMMENDED’ AWARD IN 2010 VOLUMES OF EMERALD JOURNALS
  • Best Professor Award to Prof. M. P. Gupta in July 2012 by World Education Congress and CMO Asia at Singapore
  • BEST PAPER AWARD FOR “Developing Mathematical Model for Time Dated Dynamic Pricing Problem”, (Surya Prakash Singh) 4th International Conference of Society of Technical and Management Professional, 15-16 June, 2013, Haridwar, India
  • BEST PAPER AWARD FOR “An approximate heuristic for Dynamic Facility Layout Problem”, (Surya Prakash Singh) International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT 2010), 7-9 September 2010, Cochin, Kerala, India
  • Literati” award for Outstanding Excellence in Research (Shweta Singh) by Emerald Publishing House.
  • Best Paper Award in the International Conference (Shweta Singh)
  • Nixi Fellowship, (Ilavarasan. P. V. ) National Internet Exchange of India, Govt. of India.
  • Prof. M.N. Srinivas Memorial Prize, (Ilavarasan. P. V. ) Indian Sociological Society

Students Awards

  • Best Paper Award to Gaurav Rana, Sushil, Title of the paper: Destination Discontinuity for Sustainable Development of a Tourist Destination at AGBA Conference 2015 (On November 16-19, 2015)
  • Best Paper Award 2nd Prize to Nakul Parameswara, Sanjay Dhir, COSMAR-2016, IISc Banglore (on November 11-12, 2016)
  • Runner up in Business Presentation at 24th November 2016 Devang Mehta Excellence Award 2016 by Bhavya Suri & Arpit Bhatia

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