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S.No. Photo Name Supervisor’s Name Area of Research Research Interests Contact Details
1. Ahmad Mohd Khalid Prof. Seema Sharma and Prof. Amlendu Kumar Dubey Economics Sustainability, SDG, Regional Development, Energy & Environment, Policy Khalid.ahmadmohd@gmail.com
2. Payal Dey Prof. M. P. Gupta and Prof. Sushil Economics, Strategy Public Policy, Rural Electrification, Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Sector and System Dynamics payal.dey@gmail.com
3. Akanksha Mishra Prof. Amlendu K. Dubey Economics Monetary Policy amishra2891@gmail.com
4. Pankaj Rawat Prof. Seema Sharma Economics, Operations Productivity and Efficiency Analysis rwt.pkj@gmail.com
5. Chetna Batra Dr. Seema Sharma Economics Digital Payments, Retail Payments cbatra411@gmail.com
6. Aakanksha Dr. Seema Sharma Economics Food Security, Food Waste aakanksha.iitd2018@gmail.com
7. Yashika Sardana Dr. Amlendu Kumar Dubey Economics Macroeconomics, Fiscal Policy, Fiscal Rules yashikasardana92@gmail.com
8. Vrinda Gupta Dr. Amlendu Kumar Dubey Economics global finance vrindagupta31@gmail.com
9. Harshal Kate Prof. Seema Sharma, Prof.Shveta Singh Economics Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) harshal2471990@gmail.com
10. Aakanksha Shrawan Dr. Amlendu Kumar Dubey Economics International Trade, Development Economics, Financial Economics Aakanksha.Shrawan@dms.iitd.ac.in
11. Shailendra Kumar Singh Prof. Seema Sharma Economics Sustainable Development shailendra@dms.iitd.ac.in
12. Sakshi Narula Dr. Manish K. Singh Economics Economies of banking, financial intermediaries and advanced econometrics sakshi.narula@dms.iitd.ac.in
13. Mahima Gupta Prof. Amlendu Kumar Dubey Economics Fiscal Policy Mahima.Gupta@dms.iitd.ac.in
14. Richa Jain Prof. Amlendu Kumar Dubey Economics Macro Economics, Capital Controls richajain.1908@gmail.com
15. Aveek Saha Prof. Manish K. Singh, Prof.Eri Ikeda Economics International Finance, Financial Intermediation, Risk Management, Monetory Economics and Central Banking Aveek.Saha@dms.iitd.ac.in
16. Mohammad Zeeshan Prof. Manish K. Singh Economics Monetary Policy, Financial Markets, Banking, Risk Management md.zeeshan@dms.iitd.ac.in
17. Anurvi Mehra Dr. Seema Sharma, Dr. Eri Ikeda Economics Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Energy Transition Anurvi.Mehra@dms.iitd.ac.in



S.No. Photo Name Supervisor’s Name Area of Research Research Interests Contact Details
1. Mansi Singh Prof. Harsh Mishra, Prof. Sanjay Dhir Entrepreneurship Bootstrapping and Bricolage in Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial Finance and Resourcing; Strategic Management of Entrepreneurial Ventures; Women’s Health mansi.singh@dms.iitd.ac.in; mansi14395@gmail.com
2. BHUPENDRA SINGH RAWAT Prof Shveta Singh and Prof Harshwardhan Mishra Entrepreneurship EdTech, Entrepreneurship Education bhupendrasr01@gmail.com
3. Manisankar Datta Prof. Seema Sharma, prof. Shveta Singh (co-supervisor) Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Entrepreneurship Development, Small business and Entrepreneurship, New venture creation. mdatta.nit@gmail.com
4. Gourav Aggarwal Prof Smita Kashiramka; Prof Harshvardhan Mishra Entrepreneurship Recovering from Entrepreneurial Failure gourav.aggarwal@dms.iitd.ac.in
5. APOORVA MALIK Prof. Seema Sharma, Prof. Harshwardhan Mishra Entrepreneurship Women Entrepreneurship, Financial Inclusion apoorva.malik@dms.iitd.ac.in
6. Vishakha Yadav Prof. Seema Sharma and Prof. Shveta Singh Entrepreneurship Women Entrepreneuship and Organizational Business Models vishakhayadav43271@gmail.com



S.No. Photo Name Supervisor’s Name Area of Research Research Interests Contact Details
1. Vikas Gupta Prof. Shveta Singh and Surendra S. Yadav Finance IPO Underpricing, SME IPOs, Sentiment Analysis gupta.vikasdms@gmail.com
2. YUKTI BAJAJ Dr Smita Kashiramka and Dr Shveta Singh Finance corporate finance, capital structure, corporate governance bajaj_yukti@yahoo.in
3. Prashant Kumar Gupta Prof. Seema Sharma and Dr. Neeru Chaudhry Finance Banking, Non-Performing Assets, Asset Quality, Corporate Governance, BASEL prashantguptadmsiitd@gmail.com
4. Nitin Raja Singh Prof. Shveta Singh Finance Machine learning nitin.nitinrajasingh.singh@gmail.com
5. Surbhi Gupta Prof. Surendra S. Yadav & Prof. P. K. Jain Finance International Business(FDI) guptasurbhi2021@gmail.com
6. Monika Dahiya Prof. Shveta Singh and Dr. Neeru Chaudhry Finance Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Finance md2707@yahoo.com
7. Iram Hasan Dr. Shveta Singh and Dr. Smita Kashiramka Finance Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Finance Iram.Hasan@dms.iitd.ac.in and iram.10shines@gmail.com
8. Samridhi Suman Prof. Shveta Singh Finance Corporate governance and corporate finance samridhisawlani@gmail.com
9. Aisha Kakkar Prof. Shveta Singh (Department of Management Studies, IITD) and Dr. Sumitava Mukherjee (Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IITD) Finance Behavioral Finance aishakakkar@rediffmail.com
10. Juhi Gupta Prof. Smita Kashiramka Finance Banking, Corporate Finance guptajuhi.1994@gmail.com
11. Navendu Prakash Prof Shveta Singh; Prof. Seema Sharma Finance Financial technology, Efficiency and productivity measurement, technological diffusion, market microstructure, bank performance navendu7911@gmail.com; Navendu.Prakash@dms.iitd.ac.in
12. Dhulika Arora Dr. Smita Kashiramka Finance Financial Management and Banking Dhulika.Arora@dms.iitd.ac.in
13. Harshita Gupta Prof. Shveta Singh Finance Sustainable Finance harshita2381995@gmail.com
14. Bhavya Srivastava Dr. Shveta Singh, Dr. Sonali Jain Finance Banking and Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance bhavyasrivastava.srivastava@gmail.com
15. Sugandh Ahuja Prof. S.S. Yadav and Prof. Shveta Singh Finance Mergers and Acquisitions sugandh.ahuja@dms.iitd.ac.in
16. DAMINI KUMARI Prof. Neeru Chaudhry Finance Finance smz198281@dms.iitd.ac.in
17. Priyam Mendiratta Prof. Smita Kashiramka, Prof. S.S. Yadav Finance Corporate Finance priyam.mendiratta@gmail.com
18. Anushka Agarwal Prof. Neeru Chaudhary Finance Portfolio Management, Pension funds, Asset allocations, Capital Market anushka.agarwal@dms.iitd.ac.in
19. Akanksha Jain Prof. Smita Kashiramka & Dr. Sonali Jain Finance Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions jainakanksha.aj21@gmail.com
20. Vikram Singh Prof. Shveta Singh & Prof. Sonali Jain Finance Sustainable Finance vikram.singh2013@sims.edu
21. TEWODROS ABERA BELAY Prof. Shveta Singh Finance Corporate Finance/ CSR teddyabzethio16974@gmail.com
22. Neha Gupta Dr. Smita Kashiramka and Dr. Shveta Singh Finance Merger and Acquisition smz198740@iitd.ac.in, nehag071989@gmail.com
23. Aastha Gupta Prof. Neeru Chaudhary Finance International finance (derivatives, sovereign wealth funds, currency risk) Aastha.Gupta@dms.iitd.ac.in
24. Tusharika Mahna Dr. Sonali Jain and Prof. S. S. Yadav Finance IPO performance in Short Run, Environmental factors affecting IPOs performance, Issues faced in issuing IPOs. tusharikamahna@gmail.com
25. Mayank Gangwani Dr. Smita Kashiramka Finance NBFC, Green investment, Forensic accounting 20smz8557@dms.iitd.in
26. Gautam Khanna Dr. Neeru Chaudhry Finance Portfolio Management, Asset Pricing, Corporate Governance gautam.khanna@dms.iitd.ac.in
27. NEHA MALIK Prof. Smita Kashiramka Finance Microfinance, Financial Institutions and Markets, Interational finance, Capital structure nehamalik0105@gmail.com
28. Dhruv Prof. Smita Kashiramka Finance Banking Industry and NBFCs dhruvdhanvarya101@gmail.com
29. Radhika Goel Dr Smita Kashiramka Finance Banking smz208275@dms.iitd.ac.in
30. Aastha Mittal Prof. Shveta Singh Finance Infrastructure Financing aasthamittal2012@gmail.com
31. Mahima Mittal Dr. Smita Kashiramka and Dr. Sonali Jain Finance Portfolio Management mahima.mittal03@gmail.com



S.No. Photo Name Supervisor’s Name Area of Research Research Interests Contact Details
1. Akanksha Malik Dr. Shuchi Sinha HR/OB Workplace Deviance, Organizational Psychology akankshamalik0102@gmail.com
2. Aarathi K Dr. Shuchi Sinha HR/OB Career Management arathi.kdcms@gmail.com
3. Aishwarya Prof. Kanika T. Bhal HR/OB (Un)ethical behavior, Behavioral Business ethics Aishwarya@dms.iitd.ac.in
4. Ayushi Deb Roy Prof Kanika T Bhal HR/OB Decision Making, Ethics ayushi.deb.roy@iitd.ac.in
5. Unnati Kapoor Prof. Shuchi Sinha HR/OB Entrepreneurship, Organisational Psychology, unnatikapoor07@gmail.com
6. Meghna Sethi Prof M.P. Gupta & Prof Sushil HR/OB, Strategy Strategic human resource management, organizational resilience, organizational effectiveness meghna.sethi2209@gmail.com
7. MANAVI SHARMA Prof Kanika T Bhal HR/OB BUSINESS ETHICS Manavi.Sharma@dms.iitd.ac.in
8. KRITI GUPTA Prof. KANIKA T. BHAL & prof. SHUCHI SINHA HR/OB Adaptability and Resilience in an organisation smz198736@iitd.ac.in
9. Charu attri Prof. Shuchi Sinha HR/OB Future HR work charuattri96@gmail.com
10. Veenu Shankar Prof. Kanika T. Bhal HR/OB Environmental Responsibility veenu.dms.iitd@gmail.com


Information Systems

S.No. Photo Name Supervisor’s Name Area of Research Research Interests Contact Details
1. Hitesha Yadav Prof. Arpan Kumar Kar and Prof. Smita Kashiramka Information Systems and Analytics Sustainability, Corporate Performance, Social Media Analytics, Applications of Machine Learning, Data Mining hitesha1902@gmail.com
2. Pooja Sarin Prof. Arpan Kumar Kar Information Systems & Analytics Big Data Analytics on Web 3.0, Social Media Analytics, Dark side of Technology sarinpooja.iitd@gmail.com
3. Nimish Joseph Prof Arpan Kumar Kar & Prof P Vigneswara Ilavarasan Information Systems Social Media Analytics, Digital Literacy nimishjoseph@gmail.com
4. SACHIN KUMAR SHARMA Prof. P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan Information Systems ICT and Small Businesses , ICT4D sachin.kumar.sharma@dms.iitd.ac.in
5. Anushruti Vagrani Prof. P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan Information Systems Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD), and Information Technology artifact in development policy and governance vagrani.anushruti@gmail.com
6. Ankita Singh Prof Agam Gupta Information Systems Platform Economy toankitasingh@gmail.com
7. Sudipta Paul Prof. Arpan Kumar Kar, Prof. Agam Gupta Information Systems & Analytics Social Media Analytics, Data Science, Applications of Machine Learning sudipta.paul@iitd.ac.in , sudiptapaul36@gmail.com
8. Sagarika Chaudhary Prof. M.P. Gupta & Venkat Ram Reddy Information Systems Behavioural public policy Sagarika.chaudhary@dms.iitd.ac.in
9. Apurva Jha Dr. Arpan Kar and Dr. Agam Gupta Information Systems Sports Analytics, Data Science apurva2696@gmail.com
10. Imon Chakraborty Prof. P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan Information Systems Health-IT startups, Health informatics, and e-health Imon.chakraborty@uqidar.iitd.ac.in
11. Swapnil Sharma Prof. M.P. Gupta and Prof. Arpan K. Kar Information Systems E-Governance, Information and Communication Technologies for development(ICT4D), Digital Citizen Empowerment, Management of Information Systems, Digital Public Policy swapnil.sharma2007@gmail.com
12. Manikant Roy Prof. Arpan K. Kar and Prof. P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan Information Systems Information System ,Data Science & Analytics , Applied Machine Learning manikant.roy@dms.iitd.ac.in , manikant.iitd@gmail.com
13. Prashant Kumar Prof. Arpan Kumar Kar, Prof. Sunil Mithas Information Systems Social media, Customer experience, Renewable Energy, Digital marketing, AI & ML prashant@dms.iitd.ac.in



S.No. Photo Name Supervisor’s Name Area of Research Research Interests Contact Details
1. Vishakha Chauhan Prof. Mahim Sagar Marketing Consumer Confusion, Consumer Behavior, Healthcare Marketing vishakha.niper2014@gmail.com
2. shefali khare Prof. Mahim Sagar Marketing Social Marketing shefalikhare.13@gmail.com
3. Anshika Singh Tanwar Dr. Harish Chaudhary Marketing Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Influencers, Consumer Behaviour and Social Media anshikasingh7@gmail.com
4. PRAGYA JAYASWAL Dr. BISWAJITA PARIDA Marketing Consumer Psychology, Technology & Innovation pragyajayaswal1@gmail.com, pragya.jayaswal@dms.iitd.ac.in
5. Khyati Manchanda Prof. Biswajita Parida Marketing Tourism Marketing, Sustainability Marketing Khyati.Manchanda@dms.iitd.ac.in
6. Manish Kumar Srivastava Prof. Harish Chaudhry Marketing CRM, Digital Marketing, Values education mks28iitd@gmail.com
7. NIDHI BHATIA Prof. Biswajita Parida Marketing Consumer Behaviour, Advertisement Nidhi.Bhatia@dms.iitd.ac.in



S.No. Photo Name Supervisor’s Name Area of Research Research Interests Contact Details
1. Vipulesh Shardeo Prof. Jitendra Madaan Operations Intermodal freight transportation, Logistics management, Flexibility vipuleshshardeo@gmail.com
2. Chandra Pal Prof. Ravi Shankar Operations Operation Research, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Analyst chandraph2@gmail.com
3. Ayush gautam Prof. Ravi Shankar Operations Circular Supply Chain ayush.gautam@dms.iitd.ac.in
4. Sachin Yadav Prof. S.P. Singh Operations Supply Chain Management sachinyadav.dce@gmail.com
5. GULSHAN KUMAR GAUR Prof. Jitendra Madaan Operations Sustainable Packaging Supply Chain gulshanamru@gmail.com
6. Ruchita Prof. Ravi Shankar Operations Smart Transportation ruchitahoney91@gmail.com
7. UPENDRA KUMAR Prof. Ravi Shankar Operations Telecommunication and Supply Chain Management upendrakumariitd@gmail.com
8. Monica Shukla Prof. Ravi Shankar Operations Smart Manufacturing shukla.monica4@gmail.com
9. Arkajyoti De Prof. S.P. Singh Operations Agri-Supply Chain arkajyoti.de@gmail.com
10. Mamta Mishra Prof. S. P. Singh & Prof. M. P. Gupta Operations Facility Location mamtamishra987@gmail.com
11. Vikrant Giri Prof J. Madaan Operations Blockchain Operations, Supply Chain Integration vikrantgiri92@gmail.com
12. Smriti Mishra Prof. Jitendra Madaan & Prof. M.P. Gupta Operations Logistics & Supply Chain smritimishra042@gmail.com
13. Utkarsh Nigam Prof. Jitendra Madaan Operations Supply Chain Management, Operations Management nigam.utkarsh555@gmail.com
14. Tushar Gahlaut Dr. Gourav Dwivedi Operations Industry 4.0, Smart Mobility & Sustainable Supply Chain tushar1996gahlaut@gmail.com
15. SAIKAT MUKHERJEE Prof. R. Prasanna Operations Optimization mukherjee.saikat17@yahoo.com



S.No. Photo Name Supervisor’s Name Area of Research Research Interests Contact Details
1. Periyasami Anbarasan Prof. Sushil Strategy Sustainable development, strategy, sustainable enterprise Jeevakarunyam@gmail.com
2. ISHITA BATRA Prof. Sanjay Dhir Strategy International business, global strategy, strategic alliance ishita.iitdelhi@gmail.com
3. Aqueeb Sohail Shaik Prof. Sanjay Dhir Strategy Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Technological Change, Strategic Risks & System Dynamics aqueebsohail.skprofessional@gmail.com
4. K Dinesh Prof. Sushil Strategy Strategic Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Technology Management kdinesh.iitd@gmail.com
5. Shamita Garg Prof. Sushil Strategy International Business and Strategy shamita.gargiitd@gmail.com
6. Abhilasha Prof. Sanjay Dhir & Prof. Sushil Strategy Coopetition Strategy, Strategic Flexibility, Innovation Performance abhilasha.iitdms@gmail.com
7. Harchitwan Kaur Lamba Prof. Sanjay Dhir Strategy Strategic Alliances, Sharing Economy, Platform Economy chitwanklamba@gmail.com
8. Jayant Kumar Dr Sanjay Dhir, Dr Smita Kashiramka Strategy Strategic Thinking, Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation, Innovation, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) smz188535@iitd.ac.in
9. Rishabh Rajan Prof. Sanjay Dhir ; Prof. Sushil Strategy Alliance Termination, Joint Venture, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) rishabh12345rajan@gmail.com; rishabhrajan.iitd@gmail.com
10. Kamakshi Sharma Prof. Sanjay Dhir Strategy Artificial Intelligence, Tourism and Hospitality Sharma.kamakshi1993@gmail.com
11. Rubina Chakma Prof. Sanjay Dhir Strategy Organizational Ambidexterity, Strategic Analysis, Joint Ventures and Strategic alliances rchakma09@gmail.com
12. Sumit Arora Prof. Sanjay Dhir and Prof Mayur Chikhale Strategy Turnaround Management contactsumitnow@gmail.com



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