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Confluence’16 :Marketing & Finance Conclave

The Industry Interaction Committee of DMS, IIT Delhi successfully organized Confluence '16, the annual Marketing & Finance Conclave, on September 17, 2016. 

The first session of the event was focused on the theme “Digital Marketing: Exploring New Avenues for Businesses”. The panel comprised of the following eminent leaders from the industry:

  • Mr. Rajesh Ramakrishnan, MD-Bangladesh, Perfetti
  • Mr. Rajeev Jain, AVP, DS Group
  • Mr. Akash Deep Batra, Head of Brand Communication, Nestle India
  • Mr. Ganish Bahl, Head, Digital Marketing, Micromax
  • Mr. Rahul Kumar, Director-Marketing Development, Global Operations, Schneider Electric
  • Mr. Amit Handa, VP, OgilvyOne Worldwide
  • Mr. Manish Chopra, Co-Founder, Zovi

Professor Harish Chaudhury, Marketing department at IIT-Delhi, graced the event with his presence. The panel was headed by Mr. Rajesh Ramakrishnan.

Mr. Ramakrishnan delineated three pillars of digital marketing– Consumers, Brand & Media. He discussed topic like how in modern days ‘Time Starved’ consumers are always into achieving more in less time, how brand differentiation is becoming a crucial factor in the era of tremendous competition and lastly, how the boundaries between different media vehicles are continuously getting blurred. Mr. Rajeev Jain discussed how digital marketing has helped their company to maintain the brand excitement throughout the year& that too in a cost effective manner. Mr. Akash Deep Batra discussed the relevance of the fundamentals of marketing amongst all the buzz about its transformation through digital platforms. Mr. Ganish Bahl described how our life style & choices are getting affected with the advent of social media and how organization are using that data for marketing activities. Mr. Rahul Kumar introduced the aspect of B2B digital marketing to the ongoing discussion, he discussed about the shift that has occurred from traditional B2B communication model to the recent digital communication model. Mr. Amit Handaopined that digital marketing should be based on a customer-centric approach rather than the media-centric approach. Mr. Manish Chopra shed light on the importance of mass marketing in Indian business scenario, the myths associated with digital marketing & other possible challenges. Prof. Harish Chaudhury enlightened the entire audience with his interesting viewpoints especially emphasizing on how the Indian women who have almost 90% of the decision making power of the households should be connected to the digital arena.

The post lunch session was based on the theme “Financial Disruptions: Charting the Road Ahead”. The panel chair was Dr. Shveta Singh and the panelists for the session were:

  • Mr. Lalit Malik, Chief Financial Officer, Dabur India Ltd.
  • Mr. Vivek Agarwal, Chief Financial Officer and Whole Time Director, Jindal Realty
  • Mr. Amit Sukhija, Lead, Banking and Capital Markets, KPMG
  • Mr. Nitin Gupta, Associate Director, BMR Advisors
  • Mr. Anil Saxena, Group Chief Financial Officer, Religare Enterprises Ltd.

The panel chair, Dr. Shveta Singh laid the foundation for the interaction by bringing to light the glowing reality of financial disruptions and the importance of good corporate governance tools to deal with this. Mr.Vivek Agarwal presented a game changer viewpoint on disruptions and its effect on India. To stress on his opinion, Mr. Vivek Agarwal cited instances of good conditions of monsoon this year followed by high production, seventh pay commission, improvement in imports and introduction of GST. Mr. Lalit Malik conversed about the volatility, complexity and the interlinking of the world. He stressed on the fact that we are not living in isolation and therefore, anything that happens in the world is bound to affect us in some way or the other. Mr. Amit Sukhija, shed light on the importance of being disruptive in order to succeed as disruption in the financial sector is backed by change and innovation in technology. Mr. Nitin Gupta introduced the audience to the tremendous changes taking place in financial aspect with FINTECHS starting from media, moving to music, retail and then to aggregators. Mr. Anil Saxena explained how most efficient and cost-effective solutions formulated to meet day-to-day problems are being termed as disruptions. 

The students of DMS, IIT Delhi extend their heartfelt gratitude to the entire panel for taking their time out and sharing their valuable views.

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