Campus Engagement Committee in DMS

  • Campus Relations Team

The Campus Relations Team is a student elected body that interacts with the companies on a continuous basis, to bring the optimum and best-fit career opportunities to the students of DMS for their summers, winters and final placements. The team plays an integral and vital role in building the DMS brand in the corporate world. The team intends to foster functional, mutually beneficial and long-term relationships within its corporate and industrial networks. The team focuses on the wholesome approach, aptly titled the Campus Engagement Program, and aims to involve the potential employers and recruiters throughout the year, in a variety of avenues, such as Summer & Winter Internships, Guest Lectures, Live Projects, Final placements among others.

The Campus Relationship Team is a channel-facilitating coming together of the managers of tomorrow and the corporate world, which awaits them. Although a lot of emphasis is laid upon successful final placements, it is not where the effort stops. Besides working on successful summer internships for the newly joined students, continuous effort is underway to expose the students to the dynamic challenges posed by the corporate world in forms of Live Projects, Workshops & Competitions among others. The team, being in constant contact with the corporate world, is in the best position to understand the changing needs of the industry. Having understood the current needs, team also takes an initiative in conducting workshops aiming to provide and further enhance the skill sets of the students. Workshops are conducted by the experts in the industry, and the Campus Relationship Team strives to conduct these workshops within the campus so as to ensure maximum number of students is benefitted.

  • Team Contact Information
Member Name Email Address Contact Number
Rishabh Gupta (Co-ordinator) +91 9968366586
Akshay Ganju +91 8130803006
Amulya Y G +91 9560933379
Apanshu Goel +91 9899306671
Esha Srivastava +91 8600400968
Mahjabeen Mirza Beg +91 9205327701
Narayanan Kannan +91 9944854056
Risha Mohan +91 7042069815
Rochit Anand
+91 9566948291
Sandeep Madisetty
+91 9560933390