Strategia’16 :Analytics & Consulting Conclave.

The Industry Interaction Committee of DMS, IIT Delhi organized STRATEGIA '16 (Analytics & Consulting Conclave) where eminent guest speakers have been invited to share their key insights and enlighten the students on Analytics and Consulting domain.

The first session was focused on the theme- "Big Data Analytics: Shaping Information Age". The Panel was headed by Mr. Manish Mittal, Managing Principal and Country Head, Axtria. Following are the eminent panel members from across the industry, who provided deep insight to our students on the above topic:-

  • Mr. Miraj Godha, Director, Analytics, Airtel
  • Mr. Vishal Agarwal, Senior Director, Data Sciences, Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Dr. Ravi Kothari, IBM Distinguished Engineer & Chief Scientist, IBM Research - India
  • Mr. Rahul Bajaj, Head of Business Solutions & Analytics, Fortis Healthcare
  • Mr. Kapil Malhotra, Associate Director, PepsiCo
  • Mr. Tariq Mustafa, Head Data Analytics, DIMTS
  • Mr. Sanjay Srivastava, Director, Analytics, American Express

Mr. Miraj Godha, emphasized on importance of new technologies for analyzing the data effectively. He explained the concept of ‘Divide and Rule’ to handle the technologies where different technologies are to be used for different tasks in data analyses. Mr. Vishal Aggarwal mentioned that industry today is looking at Big data from a ‘return on investment’ perspective. Mr. Ravi Kothari explained the main challenge in analyzing big data is its variety, as they are coming from many sources. Data always needs to be validated before analyzing, only then a coherent and meaningful output can be derived from it. Mr. Rahul Bajaj shared that an increased supply will create its own demand, and the same concept applies to data. Mr. Kapil Malhotra mentioned analytics has helped corporates in mitigating risks by making decisions that is backed by data. Mr. Sanjay Srivastava stated that today storage of data has become affordable and discussed difficult task for industries to move from existing system to Big Data analysis and use it for effective problem solving. Mr. Tariq Mustafa explained how big data and IoT (Internet of thing) have helped in proper tracking of vehicles and improving efficiency of the system.

The floor was then opened for questions where the students asked their doubts to the panelists on various aspects of Big Data Analytics, including ethical and sponsorship fronts. 

The second session of the event focused upon the theme: “Smart Consulting: The Industry Amidst Revolution”. The session was chaired by Dr. Arpan Kumar Kar, Assistant Professor- DMS, IIT Delhi and the panel comprised of the below eminent leaders from the industry:

  • Mr. Yogesh Kumar Sharma, Associate Principal, Data Analytics - ZS Associates
  • Mr. Pragyal Singh, Director - Ernst & Young LLP
  • Mr. Samrat Bose, Founder & Principal Consultant - White Bull Consulting and Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mr. Ravinder Nath Zaidu, Founder & Principal Consultant - RNZ Consulting
  • Mr. Ashish Gupta, Partner - BDO India – Risk Consulting
  • Mr. Vicky Bahl, AVP - Avalon Consulting
  • Mr. Shalil Gupta, AVP - Insights & Consulting, IDC India
  • Mr. Suvojoy Sengupta, Partner - McKinsey & Company

Mr. Yogesh Kumar, highlighted the powerful & transformational role played by data analytics in data driven business decisions. Mr. Pragyal Singh referred to adaptability as the key factor responsible for the survival of big companies of the world despite the changing technology. Mr. Samrat stated market is experiencing a shift from quality as an USP to more of cost optimization. Business Analytics should be used to analyze the time-series data to derive trends and understand the prospective customers. Mr.Ravinder, discussed the emergence of a huge number of family owned businesses. These businesses being at the end of 2nd generation or the emergence of 3rd generation possess strong management skills but are yet unsure of the challenges faced due to the immature business and un-structured organization. Mr. Ashish brought out the bigger picture of consulting, stating that data analytics is just a part, and various segments are in need of different approaches to resolve the kind of challenges faced. He pointed at the uniqueness of challenges in the industry and opined that the consultants need to be smart in order to evolve according to requirements. Mr. Vicky Bahl cited the transformation of industries from distribution driven to process excellence. Also, with the emergence of internet, the approach has seen a change from data scarcity model to data prioritization model, thus consulting will move from selling people to selling an ecosystem. Mr. Shalil explaining the drastic transformation in the industry, has suggested never to automate an inefficiency, and instead creating disruption through technology and innovation. Mr. Suvojoy talked on the changing role of consultants from problem solvers to advisors for top management. He opined that the emphasis is in general laid on tangible changes, feasibility and the associated cost, describing an “outcome oriented consulting”.

The session further proceeded towards the Q&A, with the students clarifying their questions on defining SOW in dynamic business models, and data analytics pertaining to change management. 

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